Recent Press Coverage for Sock Puppet Sitcom Theater


“Will Sock Puppet Sitcoms Be TV’s Next Big Thing?”

- Sean Daly,


“The Sock Puppet Sitcom Theater troupe is back at The Echo…”

- Weekend Planner: 22 Things to do in Los Angeles, LAist


“Sock Puppet Sitcom Theater brings to life your favorite sitcoms of yesteryear using nothing but socks, cloth, buttons and pipe cleaners.”

- Awarded LA Weekly’s 2012 Best of LA: Best Performing Footwear


“Though the socks are as historically accurate as possible, for a great puppet show, you need more than just puppeteers and costumes. The group has a full band and Foley artist on hand to take care of the various sound effects.”

- KPCC’s Off Ramp Feature


“A bona fide hit!”

- Gina Grad, The Pretty Good Podcast



- Frontiers Magazine


“Sock Puppet Sitcom Theater recreates episodes of classic TV shows using strictly… wait for it… wait for it… here you go… sock puppets.”

- Thrillist Feature


“Handcrafted puppets perform the pilot episodes of classic hit sitcoms such as “I Love Lucy,” “Hogan’s Heroes” and “Friends.”

- LA Time Culture Monster blog


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